Tinted Windows

Réflex Teinte is proud to be Quebec’s only supplier of FormulaOne film, a premium product that combines nano ceramics and high quality polyester for a scratchproof layer that can’t be beat. Only FormulaOne film comes with a transferable warranty, and Réflex Teinte Inc. provides a lifetime guarantee for installation.

Réflex Teinte benefits:

  • Lifetime transferable guarantee for products and installation
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • UV protection up to 99.9%
  • Heat reduction up to 65%
  • Glare reduction of 40 to 94%
  • Glass fragments held together in the event of breakage, keeping you safer
  • Non-metallic film
  • No loss of cell, GPS, XM satellite, or radio signal
  • Nano ceramics, superior quality technology
  • No future color changes (guaranteed)
  • No bubbling (guaranteed)
  • No cracking (guaranteed)

Canadian laws on tinted windows:


Front sides: 70%
Back sides: none
Rear: none

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Paint Protection Film ( PPF )

A PPF is a virtually invisible film that protects the body of your car from constant exposure to abrasives. Guard your paint job against gravel, sand, acid rain, dings due to minor collisions, and more!

Réflex Teinte benefits:

  • Lifetime guarantee on installation
  • Brilliant, resistant finish
  • Exceptional clarity
  • Anti-yellowing guarantee
  • Self-repairing scratch technology
  • Durable
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Residue-free removal
  • Precut option – digital cut software on site
  • Excellent investment for vehicle resale value
  • Certified installers
  • Rust and paint chip prevention

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SIMULATOR Tinted Windows

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Voiture pour simulation pare-pierres automobile


  • Bronze Kit
  • Silver Kit
  • Gold Kit
  • Total Kit


  • Trunk access
  • Front wings
  • Back wings (section behind the wheel)
  • stockings
  • Shield (front bumper)
  • Hood 12"
  • Hood 8"
  • handles
  • Top of windshield
  • Mirrors
Voiture pour simulation pare-pierres camion


  • Shield (bottom)
  • Shield (top)
Voiture pour simulation pare-pierres pick-up


  • Front wings
  • stockings
  • Shield (front bumper)
  • Hood (All)
  • Hood (part)
  • Mirrors

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