Réflex Teinte

Tinted Windows

Réflex Teinte is proud to be Quebec’s only supplier of FormulaOne film, a premium product that combines nano ceramics and high quality polyester for a scratchproof layer that can’t be beat. Only FormulaOne film comes with a transferable warranty, and Réflex Teinte Inc. provides a lifetime guarantee for installation.


 Réflex Teinte benefits
  • Lifetime transferable guarantee for products and installation
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • UV protection up to 99.9%
  • Heat reduction up to 65%
  • Glare reduction of 40 to 94%
  • Glass fragments held together in the event of breakage, keeping you safer
  • Non-metallic film
  • No loss of cell, GPS, XM satellite, or radio signal
  • Nano ceramics, superior quality technology
  • No future color changes (guaranteed)
  • No bubbling (guaranteed)
  • No cracking (guaranteed)

Formula One Canadian Laws